10 Herbs To Consider Growing At Home

Herbs are healthy and are fun to grow. Not only are they able to spice up your home cooking, but they are also helpful in terms of keeping you healthy as they provide essential nutrients to your body, including antioxidants. If you enjoy growing plants, then growing the following herbs would not be difficult for you.

  1. Rosemary. First on the list is Rosemary. This is an aromatic herb, which is a delight to keep around the house. This herb contains carnosic acid that is known to fight the growth of cancer cells. In addition, the scent of rosemary can improve your memory. This is according to the study conducted by the University of Northumbria in the United Kingdom. If you have children, you can introduce rosemary to help with their studies, especially during exams.
  2. Thyme. Next on the list is Thyme. This herb has been used many years ago to help remedy respiratory problems like bronchitis. It has also been used for antiseptic purposes. This herb is a very suitable addition to your salad, soups, and other recipes and meals you have in mind. It is virtually calorie-free, which is good news to those who does not want the extra calorie in every meal.
  3. Lavender. Not only is lavender very pleasant and beautiful to look at, but it is also beneficial to your health. If you have sleeping problems, having a lavender around would be very helpful as its fragrance is very soothing and calming that it will help you fall asleep. It also has antioxidants (polyphenols) which are very helpful if you are bloated. Its antioxidants help get rid and fight bloating.
  4. Basil. If you are one that likes to party, having basil around is something that you want to consider. Basil is helpful in detoxifying the liver. It also has the ability to calm the nerves of the body and is rich in fiber. Basil oil is also helpful in getting rid of skin blemishes as It has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  5. Parsley. Parsley is something that a lot of people would leave out on the plate. But, this practice should be corrected as Parsley is packed with different nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It is also rich in Vitamin K, which is essential for blood production. One tablespoon of parsley a day will be enough to supply you with the needed Vitamins A, C, and K for the day.
  6. Sage. Sage is known to have antiseptic and antioxidant properties. With its antioxidant property, sage is able to help fight early aging. It is for this reason that a lot of beauty products sold in the market contains sage. In addition, it is known to help fight fatigue and anxiety. It also can help enhance memory.
  7. Cilantro. Cilantro is a staple in Mexican and Asian countries. It is a good source of iron and fiber. It also helps detoxify the body of heavy metals, like mercury and lead. Cilantro will attach itself to these heavy metals and keep them away from body tissues.
  8. Chives. Chives is known to boost the immune system. Eating chives, combined with scallions and garlic, will help lower the risk of developing certain types of cancers, like breast cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer.
  9. Dill. Dill is very flavorful and can be used more than just for pickles. It is full of antioxidants, like beta-carotene, and is helpful in managing hiccups. The next time you get a hiccup, you can mix a teaspoon of this herb to a boiling water to help get rid of it. Strain the leaf from the boiled water and drink it slowly. In no time, you will not have hiccups.
  10. Mint. Mints are nice to have at home as it provides a calming aroma. It is no wonder spas smell like mints. In addition, this plant is rich in Vitamin A. Two tablespoons of mint a day will provide you more than half of the needed nutrient of your body. It is also good for digestion, headaches, nausea, asthma, respiratory disorders, pimples, cavities, and for your breath. A recent study also revealed that peppermint oil is good for managing blood pressure. It has also been found out that peppermint is a good complement to exercise rate and respiratory rate.

Now that you know the different benefits of having these herbs around, it is time that you grab your planting gears and start growing these herbs. It is not only fun to grow them, but also beneficial to be around.

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