Welcome to Rust and Roses. I’m Margaret Miller. I used to own a store – also called Rust and Roses – in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, in the historic Melrose district. It is the go-to store for all things ooh la la, blending European elegance with dilapidated cast offs attracts a wide range of clientele to the shop that is filled from floor to ceiling with one of a kind furnishings for home and garden. I used to spend countless hours scouring flea markets and farm auctions in the United States as well as Europe to bring my customers an ever changing selection of found treasures.

Now, Rust and Roses is my online outlet for everything I do at home. I still love collecting unique decors and furnishings. But my focus now is building a home and creating a healthy lifestyle for my family. Rust and Roses will be about the highs and lows of our family life and everything in between.


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